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Jun 5

Code Link: 6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5

It is what it is…

6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5 from ReadWriteWeb.

Web Link: “Mobile” versus “Small Screen”

I’ve recently been intrigued with the possibilites for responsive design for the webs.

This link points out that it’s not just for mobile applications, but for use in smaller than standard browser windows as well.

It’s very tempting (and scope-friendly) to tell a client that we can adjust their site for mobile users, when much of the time what we’re actually doing is simply adjusting a design for small screens.

Potential applications in “pop-out” window content that might also be called upon for viewing in normal browsing as well come to mind.

["Mobile" versus "Small Screen" from via Zeldman]

Where on the Web Is HTML5?

HTML5 is much more than a hopeful successor to Flash’s web-video crown. In fact, watching a video without a plug-in only scratches the surface of what HTML5 offers.

HTML5 For Web Designers – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report

An an interview with the publisher and author.