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Jul 8

Social Link: Social Media: Understand the differences to overcome the challenges

A good intro to some social media basics.

…One of the first things a company needs to realize about social media is that Facebook and LinkedIn, for instance, are different animals. While all social media outlets have scalability, accessibility and immediacy in common, they serve distinct functions. For example, YouTube is a great way to demonstrate a product or method, while a Wiki (and yes, Wiki is considered a form of social media) is an authority-building tool. Facebook helps you connect with and engage customers and helps grow name and brand recognition, while LinkedIn is the foremost form of online networking…

Social Media: Understand the differences to overcome the challenges from Delia Associates’ Brand Matters blog.

Strategy Link: Why Facebook Is Still A Startup

From Why Facebook Is Still A Startup at TNW Social Media

Facebook…has defined a space in the digital sphere. But crucially, it hasn’t stopped defining that space.

Facebook has blazed a trail; it is actively inventing the rules of engagement as it progresses and, as such, it has come in for a lot of criticism on a number of issues, including privacy and also how it supports businesses on Facebook.

But Facebook doesn’t have other peers in the same space to look at and say ‘oh, that’s how we should be doing things’. It has been trial and error, but it is getting there.

…When Facebook no longer innovates and starts to stagnate, it won’t be a startup.

Apr 7

Dealing with the short shelf-life of social media messages. 

Facebook or Twitter - Which is Better for Branding?


Mar 7

Interesting Facebook Campaigns: Old Navy, Carrabba’s

I particularly like the engagement involved in the “progressive” email-based Carrabba’s coupon program (Facebook link).

[link to story]

Mar 1

Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know (corrected)

Since a friend and former client of mine passed along a link from Social Media Examiner on Facebook today, I was hoping to suggest it as a good simple summary of do’s and don’ts of Facebook promotions. It does have some good basic info, but…

I think it goes too far talking about what I believe is an error. It spends a lot of time focusing on its statement that…

…you still must administer ALL contests on Facebook via a third-party app ON the Facebook platform.

…and pointing to a bunch of third-party app providers to do so.

This didn’t sound right to me. I’ve been involved in the development of apps for photo and travel tip contests - home-grown apps not involving third party app platforms. Yes, you must use an app for contests, sweepstakes, and other such promotions, but there is nothing in Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines that requires the use of a third-party app. As I read the guidelines, you can use a third-party app for promotions, but are not required to do so.

…at least according to the current Facebook rules which, I’ll admit, can be a moving target.

What Consumers Want Online - "Show me the offer!"

The article has interesting things to say about location-based services and Facebook.

…Even so, these [Location-based] services have a long way to go before they hit the mainstream. In total, 30% of those who don’t use them said it was because none of their friends do. Nearly 20% responded to the question with answers like “Don’t know what it is” and “Never heard of them.”

Not so with Facebook. There are 241 million residents aged 10 and older in the U.S. and 149 million Facebook accounts, which are only open to those 13 and older. When you consider that the latest Pew data shows 79% of adults have internet access, you start getting to a point where saying “Everyone who is online is on Facebook” isn’t that far off.

I wish the survey laid out details for SMS Text along with the other platforms, or if it’s some small part of the 13% “Other”.

Ben Kunz makes some good points about this survey as well.


Twitter Crushes Facebook For Marketing

From the article…

Facebook makes up 78 percent of traffic among all social network sites and micro-blogging site Twitter accounts for 5 percent, but on average “tweets” with embedded links get 19 clicks while Facebook’s shared links only get three clicks, according to a study by SocialTwist.

This makes sense.

Checking with my usual sample of one, I go to Facebook to keep up with the lives of friends and associates, and to Twitter to keep up with information on various topics. I also retweet a lot more than “re-share” in Facebook.


Facebook Page Redesign 2011: All You Need to Know

An apparently popular search (via Business Insider)

An apparently popular search (via Business Insider)

What does Facebook publish about you and your friends?

A tool for peeking into what the Facebook API opens up to the world.