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Jun 6

Social Link: Your Return Represents Your Investment

Social media maturity requires approaching it maturely, and an amount of effort equivalent to your desired outcomes.

From the linked article…

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t build a customer-centric organization if we do not know what it is people value. Social media are your keys to unlocking the 5I’s of engagement to develop more informed and meaningful programs:

  1. Intelligence – Learn about needs, wants, values, challenges
  2. Insight – Find the “aha’s” to identify gaps
  3. Ideation – Inspire new ideas for engagement, communication, new products/services, change
  4. Interaction – Engage…don’t just publish, bring your mission to life
  5. Influence – Influence behavior and in the process, become an influencer

Read the whole thing - In Social Media, Your Return Represents Your Investment from Brian Solis.